Bordbord x For The Common Goods

bordbord x forthecommongoods pink table

Sharing a common appreciation for the use of natural stone as a material in product design, Sweden-based Bordbord teamed up with For The Common Goods to work together on a tabletop to elevate and redefine the aesthetics of Bordbord's BT-03.

The challenge for the tabletop was achieving levity with marble, a natural material more often associated with its weight and density. Harnessing For The Common Good's natural stone know-how, they reworked the design of the original Bordbord tabletop, fabricated it using pink marble. and paired it with BT-03 trestles powder-coated in pink.

The result of the collaboration is a one-off all pink work table that inherited the playfulness of the pink trestles, the grandeur of marble and a newfound lightness in design.